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What To Expect

During the initial visit Edwards Roofing & Repair will conduct a thorough inspection, ruling out the possibility of unknown storm damage that may have occurred. In the event that hail or wind damage has been detected we will educate the customer about how the damage is effecting their home and what the process will be to provide a reliable roofing system. When hail, wind or other acts of nature cause damage to your roof this becomes a claimable loss that will entitle you to a new roof by following the proper procedures to submit a claim through your Home Owners Insurance Company.

A judgment call will be made whether or not the current roofing system is properly ventilated, determining if more vents should be added or possibly having to change the vent system all together. The biggest thing about roofing that people do not realize is that proper ventilation will make or break a roof system. Most of the time a proposal will be put together right away on the first visit. You will notice on the proposal, everything is well detailed. You will also see that there are not very many upgrades. That is because I do not see the point in selling you a product unless it already includes everything needed for a successful roofing system. For example If the roof needs to be more adequately ventilated then I will include the proper amount of vents, adding more if it is necessary. If there is a section of your roof that is a low slope then I am going to include a Modified flat Roof System for that particular section.

All my new roofs will get heavy lead flashing for all the plumbing vent pipes. I already include ice and water shield in all the required areas like around penetrations, valleys and all eves along with using 30lb felt on all new roofs. The new roofing systems that will be installed includes using a Laminate (Architectural shingle), starting with a 40 yr. grade shingle. Edwards Roofing & Repair guarantees a minimum 10 year workmanship warranty and is also backed by the major manufacturers of whom I am a credentialed contractor with. The bottom line is, Edwards Roofing & Repair installs top quality roofing system using nothing less than top quality materials installed by professionals.

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