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Residential Roofing

Your home is considered a vital investment. It should always be treated with care and maintained to ensure the structure of your home is safe. It is very important that your family should always feel secure and protected within your home. The roof system on any structure is not just a roof, it is an essential part of the dwellings structure because it serves as a form of protection from the outside elements such as rain, hail, sleet , snow and animals. When the time comes and your roof requires repairs or a complete new roof system needs to be installed Edwards Roofing & Repair is the business to call. We are a well-established professional roofing contractor company that prides ourselves in our workmanship and dedication to providing our customers a high quality durable roofing system.

At Edwards Roofing & Repair we guarantee that whether it is to replace the entire roofing system or just minor repairs are needed we will always make a conscious effort to use the most practical solution for your roofing system needs. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship and most importantly to make sure the customer is receiving a high quality roofing system at a fair and affordable price.

This begins with a written guarantee of 100% satisfaction from the owner himself Edward Aquado. The materials and workmanship that you are receiving go far beyond after the work has been completed. You can rest assured with our roofing experience we will meet your expectations.

Sustaining a roof on any structure can be difficult overtime. Just know when you contract Edwards Roofing & Repair you can guarantee the problem will be fixed. Our team has many years of experience in the roofing industry and understands the importance of paying close attention to detail. Edwards Roofing & Repair uses only top of the line materials giving you the security that you’re backed by a 100% guarantee from the owner himself and the manufacturer. We understand that purchasing a new roof is also a crucial investment and can be overwhelming when trying to work with insurance companies or choosing the right contractor. If you feel like you still have some questions that have not been answered click here to read what to expect when you hire Edwards Roofing & Repair. Still not getting the answers you need then please contact us at (314)495-8064 or (636)481-8026 and we will be glad to answer any questions.

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